Over 32 years of experience in maintenance

As Microsoft Partner with the competences “Gold Application Development” and “Gold Enterprise Resource Planning” we develop and implement business software solutions within the product family
“Microsoft Dynamics NAV”.

In order to plan and deploy employees, machines and materials efficiently and to be able to discover and exploit the savings potential available here, a company needs an efficient maintenance planning system (IPS system).

Almost every company has critical systems which have a direct influence on performance and thus on the result.

Transparent and timely cost control,
Compliance with quality requirements, adherence to regulations in legally required environmental and safety tasks, increased availability of technical equipment, needs-based communication and information distribution and consolidation as well as maximum integration of parallel systems and, in particular, office products – these are our goals, which we would like to agree and implement with you.



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Your advantages through the use of MAIN-TOOL:

  • Increase of plant and material availability
  • Transparent and timely cost control
  • Compliance with quality requirements
  • Compliance with regulations in legally required environmental and safety-related tasks
  • Distribution of communication and information according to needs
  • Maximum integration of parallel systems (especially office products)
  • Introduction or intensification of inspections and planned repairs
  • Increase of the productive time shares for the maintenance
  • Reduzierung der Materiallagerbest√§ndeAcquisition of less disruptive or more maintenance-friendly systems