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Rainer Hillesheim, Authorized Signatory and Commercial Manager, MVG


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With more than 25 years of experience in maintenance planning, we implement the right solutions in our systems, custom-tailored to the specific requirements of the companies and their employees.

GLI has been working with a proven implementation method for IT projects for years. All our projects are consistently implemented with the SureStep method. This means maximum dependability and transparency for our customers.

The SureStep method is an implementation process developed by Microsoft that is designed to help partners with the introduction, optimization, and upgrading of Microsoft Dynamics solutions. As illustrated below, it structures a software project into the single process steps of diagnostics, analysis, design, development & testing, implementation, and commissioning. The SureStep method was developed to ensure projects could be completed within the allotted time and targeted budget, to reduce risks for the partner and customers, and to meet all the customers’ expectations.

Advantages of the SureStep method for our customers:

  • Control over project efficiency
  • Close collaboration, communication, and coordination in current projects
  • Complete, interdependent and uniform process documentation
  • Scalable to any company size
  • Adjustable to any type of project (whether local or global, central or decentralized)

What sets GLI apart is the combination of product knowledge, industry know-how and proximity to the customer. GLI provides suitable maintenance solutions with the appropriate functional depth for mid-sized companies and divisions of large enterprises.