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Rainer Hillesheim, Authorized Signatory and Commercial Manager, MVG


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With more than 25 years of experience in maintenance planning, we implement the right solutions in our systems, custom-tailored to the specific requirements of the companies and their employees.

Here is a sampling of our satisfied customers in the manufacturing industry who will gladly be available as a reference.



Albert Hoffman GmbH

Albert Hoffman GmbH is a medium-sized, family-run steel foundry. Comprehensive quality assurance is guaranteed with expertise, the appropriate mechanical equipment, employee productivity, and stringent implementation of procedure and casting controls.



Bosch Solar Energie AG

Bosch Solar Energie AG is the newest division of the globally active Bosch Group of companies. They manufacture high-quality photovoltaic products, such as solar cells, modules, and entire solar power stations for energy production from sunlight.



HNG Global GmbH

HNG Global GmbH, which was established in 2008 as Agenda Glas AG, is one of the most modern container glass manufacturers in Europe. They produce primarily for the beverage and food industry, as well as for wholesale in Germany.



f | glass GmbH

f | glass GmbH is a glass processing company that manufactures flat glass and coats hardened glass panes. White, low-iron glass which is primarily used in the solar industry is also manufactured by f | glass GmbH.



ifasol GmbH

ifasol GmbH offers a vast, high-quality product line consisting of window shades, pleated blinds, horizontal blinds, vertical systems, curtain rails, and hand-crafted window shades made in-house.
The different product groups include customized solutions for any furnishing style.



Lech-Stahlwerke GmbH

Lech Stahlwerke annually produces about 1 milion tonnes of high-grade steel, engineering steel and concrete steel and converts more than 26 million tons of scrap to steel. As the single steel plant in Bavaria they supply the construction industry, the European automotive and supplier industry with steel. 



Nexe grupa d.d. Našice

Nexe grupa is active in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. It is a leading manufacturer of building materials, such as cement, concrete, bricks, ceramic tiles and doors.



Noelle + von Campe Glashütte GmbH

The glassworks Noelle + von Campe is a manufacturer of glass for wrapping food. The product range includes over 400 forms in the order of 50 ml to 5 liters. 


Oerlikon Balzers Coating Germany GmbH

Oerlikon Balzers Coating develops and distributes coatings and also provides appropriate facilities and production facilities.
The core product is the PVD coating Balinit, which is produced in numerous variants for different applications. It is extremely thin and can be applied approximately to tool parts for metal and plastic processing, and precision parts to reduce friction and wear, which leads to a longer lifetime, but also to a higher performance of the devices.




ORBITA-FILM GmbH is a subsidiary of the globally active POLI-FILM group and a market leader as a German manufacturer of construction foil (polyethylene foil). The foils are primarily used in the packaging and construction sectors, as well as in agriculture and landscaping.




PFISTERER Holding AG is a system supplier offering all necessary components for installation and maintenance of low- and medium voltage networks. Their product range includes defined standard products as well as system-oriented commodities.



PV Crystalox Solar GmbH

PV Crystalox Solar GmbH manufactures microchips from multicrystalline and silicon that produce electrical energy. PV Crystalox is competitive with conventional hydrocarbon electricity generation and strives to further improve the efficiency of solar cells.



Siegfried Jacob Metallwerke GmbH & Co. KG

The Siegfried Jacob Metallwerke GmbH & Co. KG, is concerned with the trade, the construction and processing of non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal-containing residues and alloy steels as well as the production of Cu-based alloys, copper cathode and high quality nickel and zinc raw materials for the chemical industry.



Sims Metal Management Limited

Sims Metal Management is the world’s largest electronics and metal recycling company. Sims operates from over 270 sites spanning five continents, with 42 metals recycling sites in the UK.



SolarWorld AG

SolarWorld AG is one of the largest solar companies worldwide. Combined with many years of experience, it is the basis for good quality, which is confirmed by independent reviews with the best grade possible (example: ECO-TEST: "very good").



TIB Chemicals AG

TIB Chemicals AG provides a variety of base chemicals as well as innovative inorganic special chemicals and coating systems globally.
The company's success is the result of combining expertise and inquiring minds with the knowledge and experience accumulated in 130 years of tradition.