Our vehicle fleet is in better shape today.
Rainer Hillesheim, Authorized Signatory and Commercial Manager, MVG


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With more than 25 years of experience in maintenance planning, we implement the right solutions in our systems, custom-tailored to the specific requirements of the companies and their employees.

Public Transport – Your powerful planning system for public transportation

In order to efficiently plan for and use employees, machines, and materials, as well as recognize and capitalize on its cost savings potential, a company needs a powerful planning-system.

Almost every company has critical systems that have a direct influence on performance and as a result on the bottom line.

We can work with you to implement objectives such transparent and up-to-date cost control, compliance with quality requirements, compliance with legally required environmental and safety-related tasks, increased availability of technical systems, communications and information distribution and consolidation that meets the demand, as well as the highest level of integration of parallel systems and especially Office products.